Our Company

Agressor Corporation is a family owned and operated company providing procurement services and supplies to the world’s postal and logistics industries as well as other related industries.

We are experts in providing solutions to help your business run smoothly. This includes sourcing or designing and manufacturing large-scale products such as demountable steel cages and stillages engineered to operate within a complex ergonomic environment, small-scale products such as rubber bands, packaging twine, adhesive labels and packing slip holders, polypropylene boxes and totes, and of course our original product – bags and satchels, now made in a variety of natural and synthetic materials.

We are also the exclusive Australian agent and distributor of LockTec locker systems and a proud supplier of goods and services to Australia Post, with a relationship spanning over 25 continuous years. We have manufacturing facilities in Australia, the People’s Republic of China, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and Vietnam.

Agressor supplies an impressive and diverse range of products and services and we are constantly adding to our repertoire. Get in touch to learn about how we can support your business

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with effective and affordable product solutions that enable their businesses to function at their greatest potential.

We seek to achieve this by communicating effectively, building strong relationships with our customers and ensuring that we live up to our reputation for consistency and quality.

We deliver on our promises and we go the extra mile in our sourcing and manufacturing endeavours to ensure that we provide you with the best possible product solution.

The history of Agressor

From the US army to the shores of Sydney

Our commitment to quality and the environment

Our Expert Team

Henry Spira
Founder and Managing Director
With a background procuring goods while stationed in Germany in the US Army, Henry made his way to Australia. In 1963, Agressor was born with its first contract: manufacturing and supplying secure satchels for the Department of Defence. While others followed the swinging fashion trends of the 1960s, Henry steered his textile business in a different direction: supplying robust and cost-effective products for the conveyance of goods.
Richard Spira
Executive Director
Richard has been a crucial component of Agressor for over 25 years. With a level headed approach to business and strong desire to satisfy his customers, Richard has enabled Agressor to grow it's highly quality product offering while keeping costs to customers low. His relationships with customers as well as manufacturing partners enable him to ensure the contentment of all parties.
Lisa Spira
Business Development Manager
Lisa's professional background is in Nursing. She brings her listening and rapport building skills as well as her understanding of mass product supply to Agressor, where she is responsible for procurement of large scale goods as well as business and commercial sundry items.
Michael Spira
Quality Assurance and Rural Services
30 decades of agricultural experience in north-west NSW, has provided Michael with a strong understanding of the rural landscape of Australia, its ties with the economy and its value to the manufacturing industry. Michael is responsible for all rural business matters at Agressor. He also runs the quality assurance program at Agressor.
Benjamin Jacobs
Finance Manager
Benny brings a wealth of financial experience to Agressor. He is passionate about helping all those he works with, be they at Agressor or an Agressor customer, to make good financial decisions and make the most of the economic climate.

Lisa Gatly
Accounts Manager
Lisa is the friendly voice you'll often hear pick up the phone at the Agressor Office. She is a dedicated team member who enjoys her relationships with our business partners. She is an organisation aficionado with a knack for coordinating even the most challenging account situations.

As a family owned and operated company, our strong family ethics to build lasting relationships and solve problems are at the heart of our corporate culture. We are a committed Equal Employment Opportunity employer and reward our people on merit.