At Agressor, we are experts in sourcing the sundry items that are crucial to your business. We scour the globe to ensure we find you a suitable product at the best quality and price, and we build relationships with our suppliers to ensure we consistently meet your specifications and deadlines.

We are also able to provide packaging design solutions for your consumable products.

To date we have supplied paper bags and other paper materials, rubber bands, label holders, packaging twine, ink and ink pads, staples, staplers and staple guns, glue rollers and packing tape – made to generic and custom specifications.

We take pride in being able to find or manufacture difficult-to-find supplies. For example, we sourced urgently-needed specialist sublimation photo paper for a client after a tsunami destroyed their existing supplier’s plant.

Our growing range of consumables and supplies

Paper bags
Rubber bands
Staplers, staple guns and staples
Glue rollers
Packing tape
Packaging twine
Ink and ink pads
Label holders
Stamp pads
Satchels and carry bags